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Rat Pack Tribute Band in London

paul holgate as frank sinatra
That is for you to decide but Paul Holgate has been enthralling audiences with his amazingly close interpretation of Frank Sinatra since 2002.

In that time he has performed his So Sinatra show at over 1000 Weddings, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Corporate events, Charity balls, Golf Club Dinners, Restaurant openings and events including venues such as Hampton Court and Chelsea Flower shows, Wentworth ‘Lunch for life’, Dorchester Penthouse and Ballroom, The Grosvenor, Savoy, Landmark and Ritz-Carlton Dubai.

“It was a Swing affair off Course”

So Sinatra recently debuted the new ‘An evening with Sinatra - Live at the Sands’ show to a sell out audience at the Silvermere course Cobham. It was a stunning two set performance.

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Find out for yourself why Paul is the UK's leading Frank Sinatra impersonator. Click the image below, sit back and soak up the authentic sound of So Sinatra.

frank sinatra gramma phone

Unlike many other classic ‘Sinatra Tribute Acts’ singers on the circuit Paul try’s very hard to make every song sound as near to the Frank Sinatra original recording. ‘As a long term fan of Sinatra I want to give the kind of show that I would want to see myself, with the correct phrasing, breath control and nuance, as surely that was what all the fuss was about in the first place, to call it a ‘Sinatra Tribute’ without these elements is just singing the songs, lazy and for me as a true Sinatra fan a waste of my money’

Paul also stays in character when he speaks and interacts with the audience. ‘Again it’s all part of the act and allows the audience to suspend their disbelief plus is a helluva lot of fun too!

Yes, more than just a hat and suit… he is the same height and build as the young Frank Sinatra coupled with the chiselled face and Blue eyes too! ‘Contrary to current popular belief and West end casting Frank was not a tall man and was very skinny until his 50’s which was intrinsic to the make up of his character and therefore his stage persona ’

Frank never sang with a hat on either unless it was for dramatic effect on a song. ‘As I want the audience to believe the character I play, I sometimes wear a hat particularly on out door performances in the black suit straight tie look to set the scene’ The tux Paul wears is as you would expect, genuine Frank Sinatra 1960 in cut and style.

Well …as far as we know Frank never did this part of the proceedings but it is a much requested part of the So Sinatra package.

‘I allow the client to choose the music they want to dance to around my live sets from my extensive list plus any of their own requests and then I just ‘put the records on’ to keep everyone dancing, my policy is to ‘include everyone exclude no one’ which seems to work extremely well. Plus when I DJ included in the price is the big New York Finale to finish the evening!...So start spreading the news.. your guests will !!

On the surface there are a plethora of new ‘Sinatra and Rat Pack acts’ available for hire but not all are the same. Having chosen to concentrate all his creative effort purely into honing the Frank Sinatra act for the last 6 years he has some experience to share.. read on…. .

Paul is a 1960 Frank Sinatra Look-alike, not just a man wearing a hat

Paul only performs as Sinatra which means he concentrates on continually perfecting the act.

Paul acts totally in Character throughout the booking and includes humorous asides and Sinatraesque style dry humour throughout the act.

Paul uses the very best backing tracks using real instruments not cheap keyboard sounds like so many of the other acts. You just can’t fake the big band sound and thousands of pounds have been invested re-making rare versions of important tracks. ‘If the track isn’t up to it I simply will not use it’

Paul regularly performs with Big Bands from 7 to 17 piece Performing with the UK’s top Big band and Jazz players in incredible band line ups. The Band can also play a Party Soul Motown and Disco set as well as award ‘stings’

Paul runs a full time staffed back office to handle enquiries, logistics and contracts which means prompt response to client enquiries proper signed contracts and peace of mind. Contactable by email, Office line and Emergency mobile number for booked Clients.

Wedding and party packages include:

Up to 2 hours of live performance between 7pm and 12pm including New York finale!
Optional Afternoon welcome Drinks / Photos or wedding Breakfast sets
Professional ‘event grade’ curved backdrop
Lighting for performance and Dance floor areas
State of the art sound system including links in to house systems when required
Incorporated DJ Service including 100% of the client choices of Dance and Background music
What can Paul do for you? – anything ... but please don't ask him to sing Bojangles....

Paul only sings Sinatra Songs as close as he possibly can to the way they were originally sung for the appreciation of casual observers but mainly for real Sinatra fans.

Paul's Rat Pack Shows feature the top Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr Impersonators - See Rat Pack Page

In an exclusive interview, we have caught up with the legend in the making himself, Paul Holgate. Paul answers some questions which are commonly asked by fans.
Why choose Frank Sinatra?

I was looking for a new tribute act, one I could perform long term and as I have a short attention span I wanted to sing songs of an artist that were enjoyable to sing over and over again, technically challenging, and had had a large repertoire.

Sinatra’s song list extendeds to over 950 songs performed over 60 years with at least 4 distinct changes of voice and delivery plus the vocal usually so high and sometime brutally dry in the mix there is no where to hide, you can either do it or not. … So Frank Sinatra seemed to hold the challenge and longevity plus I was a huge fan already.

On top of that I am the same look height and build and as Frank, even got so you could say the answer was right in front of my blue eyes!
Paul, how and when did you know you could sing like Sinatra?

To be honest I didn’t and couldn’t really get the sound I was happy with for some 3 months into the project. I’d been booked to perform a few gigs as ‘Frank’ and the pressure was on. It wasn’t so much the Timbre or sound, more the phrasing and accent, unless the dialect is absolutely correct it just doesn’t sound like Frank.

At the end of 3 months something fell into place and a producer friend of mine popped round and heard the music playing and asked how the Sinatra project was coming on and when I said …well that’s me playing now! I knew I was close to something.

Its still work in progress though, every time I put one of his records on I am still blown away by how good he really was.

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